Islay's Terrace is a line of modern fiber arts with a quirky, whimsical, southwestern style, all hand-crafted by Jillian Audrey here at our Homeslice studio shop.

Each embroidery, hoop art & knit piece is a one-of-a-kind creation using the best fibers & materials. Each piece is hand-crafted & has its own distinct personality. 

Islay's Terrace Embroidery and Fiber Arts


What does your business name mean?
Islay's Terrace (pronounced "eye-lah") is named after my cat, Islay, who I adopted in 2011 from the Boston MSPCA where I was volunteering at the time. She's a Russian Blue with 3 legs. She's often helping/supervising in the (home) studio (aka napping.)

How did you get in to stitching?
I learned embroidery and cross-stitch from my mom when I was young. In my late 20s, I rekindled my love for the art when I realized that after spending the whole day working on the computer (I'm also a writer & photographer) the last thing I needed at the end of the night was to stare at another device (my phone) or the TV. So I took to stitching! Now I stitch while listening to podcasts, watching TV (multi-tasking!) and listening to music and spend much less time on my phone. 

Can you tell me about your designs?
My embroidery is inspired by my love of cats, my interest in photography and the years I spent living in the Arizona desert. I also love shapes, colors, geometry and plants and am always experimenting with new designs and stitches. 

Have I seen you before? Your name seems familiar....
Possibly! When I'm not stitching, I'm photographing! I do shows and festivals around the New England area with my photography and sell online so it's likely you may have seen me or my work minus the stitching! I'm also the store owner here at Homeslice.

Why is an item sold out? Can you make more?
All of my embroidery hoop art is hand-stitched and one of a kind. Sometimes if I have more of the fabric I can make a similar (yet not identical) design, if you are interested in a similar hoop that you see as "sold out" please contact me! 

Do you do custom orders?
Absolutely! I love making custom orders! I can create custom names, phrases, cat designs and much more -- if you have a design in mind, I would love to work with you, please send me an email at

Browse the collection of hand-stitched embroidery here.
(PS: We have a larger collection of embroidery available at our in person retail location in Somerville!)

Do you sell wholesale? 
Yes! You can find our stockist list here. If you are a retailer interested in carrying my work you can email me for wholesale interest at or browse our offerings on Faire.